Law firms manage confidential documents daily that must be highly protected

For Nefelex the most important thing is the security of the files that our costumers manage.

Files and cases can only be deleted from the recycle bin by the account owner (admin user) after entering additional security key Not even your employees with access will be able to delete documentation from your law firm.

Triple backup in different data centers in 3 countries. United States, Ireland and United Kingdom.

Data centers of Amazon Web Services, the safest in the world, where large companies, the United States Government etc. houses their information Moore information about AWS

Encrypted connection with military protocol with 256bit SSL certificate

Neither Nefelex nor anyone can access your documents and data, they are only accessible by the administrator and staff users with permission from the owner.

Data center in the cloud, whatever happens in your office, your documentation will always be available

Our data centers comply with the European GDPR