Nefelex has all the features you need for the daily management of your law firm

Simple file manager

Manage all the files and documents of your law firm in a simple and intuitive interface. Organize them as your own or within each of your costumers' files.


Organize all the documentation in cases, you can create as many cases as you want by assigning them to your costumers.

Save time looking for documentation with our filters by categories.


Create budgets and invoices for your clients in a few clicks, convert budgets into invoices, generate pdfs to send to your clients and personalize the documents with your logo.

Customer manager

Query and manage all the information of your clients, attach notarial powers and create matters associated with your costumers.


Create tasks and organize your work in 3 phases: Tasks created, in process and completed.


Organize your office appointments and your daily life with our intuitive calendar.


Award cases, tasks and appointments to the lawyers of your team, each staff member of your team will have their own space in Nefelex with all their feautures.


All your secure and encrypted information on our servers located in the United States of Amazon Web Services, keeping the European RGPD


No more complex management software, Nefelex is simple and intuitive, any attorney can start using it in a few minutes.

Cloud solution

The firm documents always with you, you can access all your documentation, matters etc from anywhere with your computer, tablet or smartphone.