Nefelex offers 3 months free of its all-in-one platform for lawyers

Our contribution to the COVID-19 crisis

Due to the current difficult situation of work for COVID-19, NEFELEX wants to contribute its grain of sand in order to make life easier for lawyers.

To contribute to remote work in the legal sector, NEFELEX will give 3 months free to all its users.

Offering a remote work platform that will allow them to carry out all their tasks from home.

NEFELEX is the all-in-one platform for managing law firms in the cloud, with which you can work remotely without any risk.

The legaltech startup created in Silicon Valley takes a 180 degree turn to a growing problem: lack of time and efficient documentation management in the legal sector.

NEFELEX is a legaltech that arises from the needs found by its founder in the legal sector and understands that it is time to leave filing cabinets full of papers, copies.

On average, a lawyer spends 6 hours a day putting documents in order for their next lawsuits and meetings, which with NEFELEX you do in a single click.

The platform, in addition to working efficiency, will allow for a simpler and more fluid relationship with the client. It will allow law firms to: maintain in an orderly manner documentation of their client, manage their appointments and maturities, create their invoices and budgets, among others.

It has 3 plans from $ 49 to $ 249 depending on the number of users who use it. In addition, the ease of use and the security of the stored documentation are one of the main advantages, it has a triple backup on Amazon servers in the United States, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

To enjoy it, once registered, they must enter the code REMOTE13 in the My subscription section.